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Welcome to the Home of
ACBL Sooner Unit #167

There will be a Fall Sectional Tournament at the Crown Plaza in Oklahoma City November 21-23. Tournament results can be found here. See the flyer for details. If you need a partner check out the online partnership page. Here is a link to the Partnership Page, and also a link to a tutorial on how it works. Finally a link to the FAQ for the page.

Some other upcoming special games are as follow:

October 24th Life Master party. Pot Luck at 6PM game at 6:30. The unit will provide meat for this event.

November 7th Annual PRO AM. Pot luck at 6PM and game at 6:30. The unit will provide meat for this event.

December 13th Annual Christmas Dinner Party. Catered dinner begins at 5 and game at 6.

If you have any questions please contact Greg Potter.

Gayle Stacy (left) with her mother Glendora Van Dusen (right)

Bridge saved me and along the journey I have a new title, Sectional Master! My name is Gayle Stacy. I am married and have two daughters and a grandson. I live in Oklahoma where casinos are on every corner it seems. There are literally 5 casinos fifteen minutes from my house. Casinos kept building and people were losing their homes, jobs and families. I watched my mom play and truly enjoy bridge all of my adult life. She encouraged me to learn the game and gave me the name and number of a teacher in my town. The connection was made with Justine Thompson and beginning lessons started! Now instead of going to a casino I was reviewing bridge notes from class and reading books to better myself. Boomer Bridge which is run by Justine Thompson has several life masters and they are always happy to play with beginners and help teach. They are Peter Huggler, Sherman Layman and Bob Patrum. I am very thankful for their patience in developing new players and growing our club as well. Learning the game is great but I really didn’t start to relax with the game until I started playing with my mother, Glendora Van Dusen. Rather than teach me, she allowed me to learn from my mistakes. We recently went to Oklahomas Sectional tournament where mom and I qualified to play in new comers but registered in open pairs and we won!! This tournament not only gave me experience and confidence but it pushed me to the next level as sectional master. As a beginner I always thought when I get to the sectional master level I will actually know what I am doing. I know a little different now but still will continue to strive to reach lifetime master status. My short term goal in all this is to enjoy playing and learning new conventions along the way. I am currently taking Justines bridge class at Rose State College. Most important thing directors can do for all players are post results as quickly as possible so partnerships can learn from the days play.

Oklahoma City Fall Sectional (Nov 21-23, 2014)

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